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forget expansive advisors which claim to know everything. Theoretically. Here we are - driven by expertise and speed.

Miramedia is the new generation network of experts from all walks of media. Internet, TV, Telephone. We know how to sell your products faster and better. From Hamburg and Berlin come the IT specialists, from Cologne the TV guys. We are not only delivering ideas - we execute them. Our specalists worked for It companies, advertising agencies and internet hubs. They know by practise all these buzzwords from CRM, Cross Media, Content Media or Multichannel. So we know who to drive sales, be more efficient and have more fun while selling.

The Man behind

Wolfgang Wilke lived and lives for more than 25 years media. He worked for publishers in Hamburg and the legendary TEMPO magazine as one of the founding fathers. Then he went to RTL and Pro Sieben to create new forms of TV entertainment and news. From there he started a new life consulting IT companies like Freenet/QVC and Telekom how to enhance their performance. Now he focuses on the developement of the Chinese media market and brings talent from China to Germany and vice versa.

Wolfgang Wilke

Managing Director
MIRAMEDIA Projektmanagement wird von Wolfgang Wilke geleitet. Er ist seit vielen Jahren als Projektleiter und Producer für TV-Sender und Internet-Firmen tätig und hat u.a. für RTL, Pro Sieben, Freenet und Tochterunternehmen der Deutschen Telekom gearbeitet.


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